About Cannelle.net

Animosity is still the best option, not knowing is much better.

My name is K, from Philippines and Owner of Cannelle.net. I’ve been working as a web designer and front-end developer for years and now, I’m venturing to a new career path on digital advertising; it is challenging since it is a high learning curve work, however, it’s fun at the same time hopefully this decision will help me in the future.

My weekends either ends up with me doing house chores (I can’t let my turf goes to an inhabitable state) or high chance of me playing games on my ps4 & vita. k-myuuu is my PSN ID.

Anyway, I usually play are more towards to Rhythm, and MMO-ish gameplay since I’ve been exposed to it since I was a kid… sadly I don’t like FPS and VS games since I’m a bit slow thinker and very slow reaction time/reflexes so I always end up dying… and dying.

I maintained two blogs before: this one – an old personal blog and this one – to join a blogging community from years back.

Cannelle.net is somewhat my personal domain, as I said on the homepage, I’ll be talking about personal gaming experience and other nerd/geek collections that I have collecting for many years now. Blogging to me is not new anyway since I’ve done it for years now, although not active, I’m trying to give this shot once again.

Nice to meet you and thanks for dropping by~

And lastly, If there’s anything to talk about, any topics, subject, ideas or things related to the blog or if I’m violating any copyright images and issues with the privacy policy. Contact me here, or email me directly at hello@cannelle.net