Quick Brainstorming: Canelle.net currently hiatus

Cannelle.net currently hiatus

Too many ideas that it didn’t help in decision-making . . .

So Cannelle.net currently hiatus since things got a little bit all over the place and end up getting lost in the tracks here. Roadblock happened after we published 4 blog posts, DJ Max is the strongest start-up and then it died down when I talked about Hatsune Miku.

I struggle/didn’t know what to post next even though the main topic of this blog is a little bit of mixed of anything — that I talk about under the sun, however, the vagueness of that idea got this blog pretty went inactive due to those reasons as well as being indecisive.

Also, noticed that the photos that I’ve done are pretty much in low quality and with that, it ended up relying more on the camera filters that it turns to be of the worst quality.

Now, my partner and I are currently brainstorming much more concrete ideas to work on; either pursue the old idea of turning this into a personal journal (my personality is reverse otherwise) or just focus on my personal gaming experience and other geek/nerd collections that I have, in which I think that I will enjoy doing it. Nevertheless, I’ll do my best to provide good (possible) content and photos in the next few days, it doesn’t matter if this ends up into a very cliché gaming blog.

For the meantime, I’ll make small changes on this blog and get the perfect background for my photos.

Ciao! See you in my next post.

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