My Work Bag Essentials, A Year Comparison

My blue messenger bag

What’s in my bag? I’m pretty much sure it’s very messy.

“What in your bag?”, is a pretty much recurring topic on blog owners everywhere to show a bit more their work bag essentials or everyday stuff that they bring to work.

Years ago, I’m a person who like bulky backpacks and large messenger bags since I was thinking how many items that I can put without really leaving my room, so everything is there — laptop, chargers, battery packs, tons of USB flash drives, umbrella, handheld game, backup clothes and toiletries, they are indeed heavy but I believe that I might have use on it when the time comes.

Working for 5 years and counting… I noticed that the longer my travel time from home to work, the heavier my bags are;  I’ve gained fair experience of carpools with my family and commuting by myself. This year, I’ve decide to get my own place since the traffic now is waaay worse than before, since going to work is much more easier now, my bag gotten lighter and much more easier to bring it anywhere.

Now as 2018 close by, I’m reconsidering again to minimize my stuff since I want more compact but that will end me carrying — notebook, pens, one battery pack, umbrella and a hand fan. Since we’re talking about work essentials, I’ll try compare my work items from 2 years ago and my current one.

I never thought I can get tired from carrying bulky work backpacks

As I can remember, my old work bag given to me as a gift from my friend’s mom since one of her relative works on a local backpack company here. By the looks of it, there’s some small tattered parts on it, since this was really used heavily when I have to endure 4-5 hours commute.

My old contents are — umbrella, coin purse, notebook , pen case, earphones, powerbank, handheld game, backup clothes and toiletries, with some other personal stuff like keys and IDs and wallet (of course). 

I like that bag very much since even though if I put too much stuff of it, I remember putting my camera bag inside and it still fits even if there’s 3-6 shirts and clothes on there. The bag doesn’t look bulky or heavy hence it was also my travel bag especially for sudden 3-day travels.

My cute messenger bag

Keychains at the moment

So this is my current bag and its contents inside;

This small blue messenger bag is my daily work bag now, I bought this item when it was a sale online. I kinda like this bag since it has a back pocket that I can easily hide my phones when I’m on a rush.

My boyfriend gave me this cute Youmu keychain, to spice my bag a little bit.

These contents — umbrella, hand fan, coin purse, packets of teas, notebook , pen case, earphones and a powerbank, with some other personal stuff like keys and IDs and wallet (of course). Putting this all items in my bag is really spacious and it is so tempting to fill it in with other stuff that I definitely not going to use it.


So what do you think? I think my work bag essentials got really reduce after a year.



[Youmu Konpaku]

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  1. Lovely coverage of a lovely bag, although there’s still another lovely accessory on your bag which deserves mention, Youmu’s companion!

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